Repairability and durability of appliances

This interesting article from Repubblica deals with the issue of the repairability and durability of household appliances which has a close relationship with their quality and guarantee.

Garanteasy carefully follows the evolution of all the rules concerning guarantees, the after-sales management of consumer goods and the evolutions that can have an impact on the functioning of the ecosystem of guarantees and, in particular, on consumers.

In this article you can see the prospective effects of the new legislation but above all it highlights the fact that consumers want products of higher quality and therefore longer life. The new legislation (Regulation 2021/341), in fact, is aimed at promoting the repairability of goods, obliging manufacturers to make spare parts and maintenance manuals available on the market for 7/10 years after placing them on the market, at the aim of minimizing disposal, avoiding higher economic damages to the consumer and especially making an important contribution to the environmental sustainability of the entire sector.

The expected result is: less money spent, fewer household appliances built and consequently to be recycled, tons of emissions avoided and especially for us, possible new warranty policies by manufacturers. The evolution we expect in the medium term is therefore that, without prejudice to the legal guarantee, manufacturers will grant commercial guarantees commensurate with the duration of the spare parts and parts which by law must be repairable.

Planned obsolescence should therefore disappear at least in reference to the most important and best-selling brands, the next topics on the agenda will be the extension of this regime to include consumer electronics, for the moment excluded, and lengthening the duration of the legal guarantee for the goods covered by the EU Regulation.

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