Sustainability of the life cycle of household appliances and electronic products

What Garanteasy does for the sustainable management of purchase, possession and disposal.

The events are there for all to see, global warming, air pollution and microplastics. have made the question of sustainable development a problem with which the manufacturers of household appliances and consumer electronics – and with them also many sellers – have understood they have to deal with, in terms of mitigating the harmful consequences. The European Union, awaiting a general Directive, has produced numerous Resolutions concerning the correct management of waste from household appliances and consumer electronics, called WEEE, to combat planned obsolescence, as well as to promote repairability and make manuals and spare parts for a period ranging from 7 to 10 years from placing on the market.

This whole package of measures will be contained in a forthcoming Directive that will soon regulate the sector and become a guideline for the various regulations of the member countries, a Directive that will follow the one called Ecodesign on sustainable design, which has already been in force for some years , to which has recently been added the rationalization of the energy label, i.e. a clearer and more understandable definition of the energy class of goods on the market.

Abandoned for the moment the idea of obliging producers to carry out and publish a Life cycle assessment study for each product on the market, the Resolutions and Recommendations indicate the path of good practices to which the world of producers of goods and services is progressively adopting flanking. The private sector, which can do a lot in the wake of EU indications, in addition to producing more sustainable goods, has the opportunity to provide digital services of great use to consumers, which represent implementation elements of the Commission’s virtuous policies.

To this end Garanteasy, responding to the dictates of the Resolution of the European Parliament on the increase of the useful life of the Products, is contributing to “strengthen the right to the legal guarantee of conformity” by putting into practice many of the measures contained in the Resolution and in general implementing the policies community, simplifying the management of the guarantees of the products purchased, providing the existing manuals on the maintenance and repairability of the goods, as well as constant updates and insights on topics of interest to the consumer, in terms of rights and sustainability.

The set of services and information provided by Garanteasy also aims to help consumers move towards more informed purchasing behavior, through choices also based on sustainability and the quality of after-sales services. In this regard, an article has been published by our legal sector which takes stock of the state of the art relating to the legislation on reparability, EU policies and what the public and private sectors are doing, or can do, to support the common battle towards a more sustainable future.

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