Garanteasy wins the “Insurance Reimagined” challenge of the Zurich Innovation Championship

Garanteasy wins the Zurich Innovation Championship 2022 which was attended by 2,760 startups from all over the world.

The jury, made up of the top managers of Zurich Insurance, chose Garanteasy for the “Insurance Reimagined” category.

Zurich has made the first $100,000 available to Garanteasy to jointly design, test and launch its insurance products of the future.

Our team is already hard at work and will do their utmost to exceed Zurich’s best expectations. Together we will make it easy for consumers around the world to manage all types of warranties and extensions of coverage on consumer goods.

We are honoured, proud and excited by this international recognition which is the result of the work and resilience of our entire team but also of the support of many of our investor partners who have never stopped believing in Garanteasy’s potential.

A special thanks to the Zurich innovation team with whom we collaborated in all the various stages of the selection. The merit of this victory is also theirs.

The other winning startups are:

• Insurance reimagined: Caruso,

• Prevention and mitigation: Adapt Ready,, One Concern

• Simplicity: Anagog, Democrance, LISA Insurtech

• Sustainability: Deedster, Dynamhex, Salient

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