How Garanteasy works in the European Union


File a document pertinent to your warranty policy anytime and anywhere by sending it as an attachment to: A photo of your receipt is considered a valid document when dealing with legal warranties.

Capture a photo of the receipt using your smartphone.

Check that the photographed receipt is legible.

Share the photo of your receipt via email.

Insert as the recipient.

In the subject line of the email, insert a clear description of what the email contains. For example: “receipt for a computer bought in a store on April 23, 2018.” Now, hit send.

Within minutes you will receive an email from Garanteasy confirming the receipt and archiving of your warranty information. From that moment on you will be able to access the photos in your personal account

Follow the steps listed above and utilize the email function to store any documents pertinent to your warranty policy, including invoices, certificates and contracts. You may use up to five different email accounts when sending photos to Don’t forget to associate each separate email account with your Garanteasy profile by accessing the settings menu in your account.


When shopping at partner stores or through associated online vendors, at checkout remember to request the automatic archiving of your receipt and any other guarantees related to the items purchased.


  1. Before making payment, request that your receipt and all guarantees pertinent to your purchase be automatically archived when shopping at any physical partner store of Garanteasy.
  2. Inform the employee of your phone number or email.
  3. Give authorization so that your data may be processed, and the archiving may take effect.
  4. Within 24 hours you will receive an email or text message from Garanteasy confirming the successful archiving of your receipt and all related guarantees.


If the site you are visiting is a partner of Garanteasy, before making payment it will propose the service of automatically archiving all documents related to the warranty of your purchase. Once again, all you must do is provide authorization so that your data may be stored. Within 24 hours your will receive a confirmation email from Garanteasy with a copy of all archived documents.


Accessing your Garanteasy personal account gives you the power to manually archive any document related to your warranty or guarantee: receipts, invoices, certificates, policies, contracts, etc.

Access your Garanteasy account by entering your email address and password.

Click on “+ ADD RECEIPT”

Fill in the information necessary for managing the guarantees associated with the document that you are archiving.

Upload file.



Accessing your Garanteasy account allows you to report a defect or request assistance pertinent to any item, whether covered under a warranty policy or not. You may send all necessary documents and information through your account, including copies of receipts, invoices, contracts, etc.